Monday, August 17, 2015

How To Make A Website Stand Out Against The Competition

There are a lot of websites that offer the same kinds of products and the same kinds of services. When anyone is going into business, a website needs to be created. However, it's important to know how to make a website stand out so that it is completely unique in comparison to all the competitor websites that potential customers may also encounter.

A good deal of research needs to be done to ensure a website has what it takes to stand out. Once the industry is identified, it's time to check out other websites. Competitor websites should be viewed in detail to see what is being included, what the graphics are and what the overall impression of the website is.

The websites of competitors should be viewed locally and across the entire country. A website should definitely be built to look better than the other local websites, but if it's not the best in the country, that's okay. The ones across the country can be used for inspiration, however, to ensure it impresses the local customer base.

Looking at the various websites can help to determine what is liked and what isn't liked. Pay attention to the general layout. Where the tabs go, where the logo is placed, the size of everything and the use of photos and videos should all be identified. This will make it much easier to decide how to make a website that will stand out as being different.

Graphics should be one of the first things added to a website. Once the general layout is chosen, the graphics will tell a site visitor what to expect. Anyone arriving at a website will look for cues to learn what the site is about. Is the site for a restaurant? A pharmacy? A plumbing company? The graphics should clearly spell this out.

After the focus on graphics comes the focus on text. This is where it will be beneficial to see what other websites have written about. Their use of a small amount of text or a large amount of text can be copied or avoided based on how the information was perceived. Using bold and underlined text can be advantageous, as can varying the font size and color for emphasis and subject deviations.

It's important to create a unique identity when creating a website. If a business card for the company is already in circulation, then it may be a good idea to use some of the same colors and general design. This will make it easier for customers to identify the website with the company. Otherwise it can be confusing and customers won't visit the website because they won't know it's the same company.

A good balance between graphics and content can make a big difference. No one wants to be overwhelmed with too many graphics, nor do they want to read through too much content. Well-placed graphics and easy to read content can be the perfect combination.

Websites are easy to create but when it comes to standing out against the competition, it becomes a little harder. Doing the research to see what other websites look like can pay off in a big way. By knowing what looks good and what doesn't the site can be easier to design.


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