Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How To Combat With Click Fraud

Do you run an online business, no matter how small or big it is, probably you'll waste lots of money through your PPC campaign! But click spamming nothing happened! No remarkable conversion takes place. Now the question is - why this is happening? Well the reason of it is - click fraud or click Spam.

The question is - how this most common fraud directly affects the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers? Usually, by using a person, script or software robot - publishers generate fake clicks to earn more revenue and that directly affect the advertisers, because the scripts/ bots randomly make click on the advertisements.

Due to emerging global economy, online marketers develop their online business rapidly and spend lots of money for the PPC campaign purpose. A recent report shows, in the year 2010, in United States - online marketers spend nearly $29 billion; now the amount is hiked nearly 50% or more and that is the main reason why the click fraud takes place.

However, being a Webmaster, it is your responsibility to protect your business and your funds from malicious business practices. That is why; you must know the basics of click spamming and its countermeasures. Primarily, you can prevent it by two simple alternate steps.

In the PPC marketing arena, Google AdWords is the best place to start. You must know the basics of click fraud and the tricks about how to prevent it. However, as mentioned earlier, click fraud mainly created by scripts or bots, and your major concern is - prevent the click fraud. Because being a business owner, your prime intention is - reduce the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) cost. Nevertheless, here are some basic rules that can help you to combat with click fraud

Eventually, being a small business owner, it is your duty to know the basics of click fraud are related countermeasures to protect your business from competitors and malicious programmers and publishers. Hopefully, the best way to shape up the entire process is - analyze your current CTR and then compare the conversion with it. The next step is to identify the fraudulent location and restrict them to do so.

If you're already well acquainted with CTR and conversion analysis, then you can use the Internet marketing analysis tool to go through the problems. There are lots of Internet marketing tool available over the Internet, you can easily locate them by using any major search engines like - Google or Yahoo! But they aren't free and need monthly subscription fee or a single time fee for a certain period. However, it is suggested that, you must do a short research before going for an Internet marketing tool.

Finally, if you're an experienced Webmaster, then Click fraud you can take help from several online marketing analysis tools to prevent click spamming. There are several online tools available over the Internet. But remember, they aren't free and those services are paid service; that means you've to pay monthly subscription fees or a single time fee to use their services.


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