Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Every Decent Woman Looks For In A Man.

Here is a list a goo woman gave me once about the type of men that were safe to date. I think it has merit so that you don't end up needing a private eye or cell phone spy software later on when you are married.

So in her own words, here is Julie's list is the following:

Here is the deal...We women like to go out every now and then, but it would definitely have to be with someone with a flexible schedule, very easy going and patient! We women often own our own businesses as an account, musician, florist, mother, etc. (or if we don't you probably have a decent job) and people tend to have emergencies even when you already have plans to cut us some slack! It is very inconvenient...We know! We love what I do, and would not trade it for the world!

Our hobbies can be:
Snow skiing
Water Baby (Ski, Slalom, knee board, wake board, jet ski, tube)
Tropical beaches
Working in the yard
Love driving fast
We like to ride motorcycles and four wheelers
We love to dress up and go places (little black dress and stilettos. The man needs to be taller than us!)
We can be a tom boy or go runway model. We still have the same needs.
Working out
Road trips
Charity events or other events

Attention Guys!

Turn offs... (Which is a good indication NOT to contact us)

-Your facial hair is longer than your hair.
-You could go to a party as an ink pen (more than a few tat's is not cool)
-You are missing more than half of your teeth...(If you see my smile..It has teeth.)
-You say you are 28 in your profile, but we all know you are full of yourself.
-If you are above the age of 40 and we are below the age of 30..don't try it.
-You are married...go home to your wives or get a divorce. No one likes a cheater.
-You already have a girlfriend...Break up or be committed dummy! Don't play the field till you make up your mind. It isn't cute!
-When you laugh you could shatter glass.
-You are mean, ugly or rude... Especially at dinner to the wait staff. If you don't like it, don't go back...just always be friendly. (Major turn off to women if I they are at dinner with you) that would be a no brainer for a second date!
-If you try to impress me with toys. Love the toys (trucks, motorcycles etc.) but don't brag. Turn off. Those things are materialistic...

We may be a little picky but we know what we want.


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