Saturday, March 21, 2015

Distinctive Custom Clothing

Custom clothing is available at both ends of a spectrum that ranges from hand-made suits to polo-style shirts embroidered with a company name. One represents the epitome of style and elegance, and the other provides a quality product that is right for some offices and many sporting events. Both have a niche in the competitive clothing market today.

A tailor-made suit is a mark of distinction for the discerning person who wants to look well-dressed. Attention to cut, detail and styling are some of the differences between an ensemble that is custom-made and those that are mass-produced. A tailored suit assures a perfect fit by allowing for individual differences. Rarely are a person's arms the same length, and legs are often of uneven size as well. Department store clothes do not allow for such differences and cannot accommodate them.

A suit made by a tailor may have a higher price, though many in department stores have very high prices, but the additional cost of alterations adds to the price. A tailor takes precise measurements of every aspect of a person's body and creates a pattern to use in cutting the cloth.

Choosing to wear unique clothing is a matter of taste and other personal preferences. A person who has difficulty in finding slacks, shirts or jackets may choose custom wear that fits perfectly and comfortably. Additionally, anyone who needs certain types of fabrics that are compatible with allergies or other medical conditions can find that a tailor can offer suitable alternatives. The feeling that one gets from wearing a handmade suit that is one of a kind is highly rewarding and enjoyable.

A custom suit allows a person to choose every accent and detail in a garment. Many options allow the choice of fabric, style, the number and placement of pockets, the size of lapel, the type of lining and other matters of fine detail. A carefully tailored suit can obscure physical defects and emphasize positive features in a person's physique. Height and weight are usually two aspects that concern most people, and they are aspects that a tailor can present in the best way. A tailor is a bit like an artist who envisions creations that others cannot imagine.

The trend to adopt business casual dress in companies across the United States continues to grow. A level of professional polish seems to make it acceptable in offices. Companies that endorse the wearing of corporate apparel have found that it influences some social behaviors in addition to developing company identity.

Casual dress with a corporate identity tends to improve employee morale, and it blurs superficial barriers to communication between different levels of staff. It has other advantages as well, including an automatic dress code that removes any doubt about the appropriateness of attire in the work place. Professional embroidery or screen printing on apparel creates an image of quality that is suitable in an office environment.

Custom clothing is distinctive, whether it is in a handmade suit or in business casual attire for work or corporate outings. Both offer a person a way to wear clothing that is personal and unique. It is usually more expensive than other types of clothing, but it is worth more to people who choose to wear it.


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